Camp Manabe

Arisu Tendou's Delusion Diary: 001
Enter Wonderland

I’ve never really needed to write anything down before. At least note notes or journals. But I overheard one of the kuroko saying that a diary is good for the mind and helps relieve stress. I could use something that does such a thing. You see, over the past year, my “episodes” have been getting worse and worse. I have been pampered by pixies, had a chat with a chair, tussled with troublesome table ornaments, and I don’t even want to think about what I found in the wardrobe. To make matters worse, the doctors don’t seem to know what’s wrong with me. They merely tell my parents that they will “continue to observe her(my) condition”. Meanwhile I spend my days talking to mirrors and being chased around by goblins. Its getting harder and harder to keep from causing a scene in front of Mother and Father. We even moved to out to the country to be in a more “settling environment”, as well as close to a well managed hospital and psychiatric facility. Even the pixies and furniture seem to worry for my state of mind. As do the goblins when they aren’t poking at me with their sharp sticks or trying to trying to lure me to their soup pot. However they tend to have reality reversed. You see now why this has become stressful?

I have chosen to begin this diary on an even more perplexing day than usual. You see, it all began with me sleeping in a bit late. Its something I try not to do, but I’ve been on sick leave from school since I came to this town, and I have yet to attend a girl scout meeting either. So, I’ve grown accustomed to the laid back lifestyle I’ve adopted and I figured it wouldn’t matter anyway. However, this assumption was proven false. I was just about ready to start the day, a kuroko having brushed and braided my hair, (I’m fairly certain it was Jesus. He is the gentlest with that.) when mother walked in and alerted me to another of her parties. Of course I am to attend, what is a daughter for, if not to show off to guests? Not to brag, but I’m fairly gifted.

I quickly made my way down the stairs and sure enough, a party is in full swing. The ballroom was full of people chattering, and dancing and having a good time. The live band on the stage was the center of the attention while most if not all of the kuroko were in the background attending small matters such as keeping the tables properly stocked with food. …And that tea kettle. Why is it even here? I hate that blasted thing! It always stares at me, yet says nothing. It’s downright unsettling.

Before I could think of a proper plan to rid myself of the tea kettle, my mother ushered me to the stage. The band immediately stopped playing, and the pianist even got up from his seat. My heart nearly sprouted legs and ran off as I heard Mother announcing to the guests that I would be playing moonlight sonata. Its not that I didn’t know the song well enough. I have photographic memory, so I only need to see sheet music once. But crowds make me nervous. At least Mother knows not to make me try singing again. That is always humiliating and seldom ends well.

I focused as hard as I could on the task before me, trying not to think about the crowd. I started off pretty well but the piano started trying to tickle me. Even so, I perservered without so much as a chuckle. Even though no one else saw the piano’s assault on my snses, they were all in awe over my taming of the instrument. The room erupted with applause, humans and furniture alike. Even Mother approved. But thats when things got a bit… odd. Even more so, I mean. The people kept applauding but the furniture stopped. Everything just changed in an instant. And I mean everything. Colors were more vivid, sounds more clear, the entire ballroom became more grandiose. And I felt a sharp pain in my back. The people were basically the same though. All except two. A massive, ble, beast of a man, and a pale toothless woman with eerie black eyes and spiders in her hair.

When the finally audience settled down and Mother had the kuroko begin putting a play together, I found myself face to face with these two people. And I was scared, more so than with any of my other hallucinations. The pale one smelled of death and the blue one seemed like a rabid dog she had on a leash. The woman approached me, beckoning me to go with her, saying she would show me “wonderful things”. I declined as politely as I could, citing my condition as the reason. She responded unexpectedly by stating I was fine, and proceeding to rip two holes in the back of my dress. Immediately, the pain I felt dissipated. My mirror crawled over to reveal that I did in fact have a pair of fairy wings now, as well as pointed ears and sparkling eyes.

I still didn’t trust the two, and neither the mirror, so I tried to excuse myself. But they insisted I come with them, the blue fellow cracking his knuckles. On the mirror’s suggestion, I started running up the stairs. The two followed me, but none of the guests seemed to notice. I tried to find any kuroko lurking about, but I only find one, asleep in a chair. (probably Stark, because he smelled strongly of alcohol) Meanwhile, behind me, I heard “Fee-fi-fo-fum”. I could hardly believe it. I quickly opened a servant’s passage and closed it behind me before running as fast as I could without making any noise. I made it out to the garden easily enough, but I heard the lumbering beast stomping about the passage and… sniffing. ew.

I noticed the mirror at the tree just ahead, arguing with a figure I really should have recognized. A white rabbit. THE white rabbit, I now believe. As he muttered something about being late before pushing away my mirror and jumping down a hole beneath the tree. I was short on time and didn’t want to be spotted, so I acted impulsively. I hopped into the hole behind him. The hole went straight for a while but dipped suddenly. I started falling, falling for quite a ways down what looked like a well. A well with cupboards, bookshelves, maps and other things. This is when I figured out the obvious. That a girl named Alice (or Allison, Alyssa, Arisu, or any other form of the name) should probably never follow anything resembling a rabbit into any sort of hole, door, window or portal. Especially if she hallucinates. I had a good while to think about it, because I was falling for hours. I even fell asleep after a while.

My landing while not very elegant, managed not to kill me. A fact I attribute to my new wings. I was quickly greeted by two “interesting” characters driving up in an antique hotrod. One was a stubby little fellow with a large nose, completely bald except for a beard. The other was um… A kabuki actor with pointed ears and a blond afro? Its hard to say beyond that because he was hunched over the wheel in a daze. Even now I suspect he was sleep driving. They were also kids, no older than myself. However, I might just owe the two my life. Well… not so much my life as my dress.

You see, the room started filling with strawberry tea. The small fellow, Jimmy, called me into the car, while the driver, Terry, transformed the car into a boat. While the tea might not have drowned me, I’m fairly certain it would have stained.

Soon I found someone floating in the tea, a bunny magician who flirted with me. He also rhymed. He had white hair and fur, so I thought he was the white rabbit at first, but the stuffed fox clinging onto his face at the time, introduced him as Benjamin the Magnificent, or fantastic, or great. The fox was of course named Mr. Fox. We also picked up one more person in the tea, another girl my age. A pretty blonde with goat legs and tiny little horns. She introduced herself as Nyx.

It wasn’t long before we ended up at the shore. …of the tea. The teashore. All of the animals that had gotten caught in the flood gathered there to dry off. It started off with the mouse telling them about the pope’s offering of the crown to William the Conqueror. But Jimmy grew tired of that quickly and struck the mouse with a cane.

We everyone decided it was better to try a caucus race instead, so we ended up running around for a while. At the end, everybody one, and I was told to award prizes. I had nothing in my pocket except for my phone, swiss army knife, and taser, so I told them that Benjamin would put on a show as a prize. He proceeded to pull a box of crackers from his hat and expertly tossed them into everyone’s mouths. They tasted like Turkey, gravy, butterscotch, and pie, all at once.

After that, everyone sat down and started telling stories, so I took a moment to start this entry. I’m not entirely sure where I am or what’s going on. This seems like far more than my normal hallucinations. I wonder if I fell asleep somewhere, or maybe if I got drugged by those two from before. But if that is the case, then this entry won’t really be here when I wake up. Also, it would mean I was probably kidnapped. I don’t like either of those things, so I’m hoping that what I’m experiencing is at least partly real.


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